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Ape Poo Club Comic book NFT

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WTF is Ape Poo Club?

Chapter 1 – Rise of the Ape Poo species

The inhabited world was covered in dust and ashes. There is no hope, there is no escape. The nuclear explosion killed everything that had existed; still, life found a way to survive. But, it is another form of life. A form of life where Kongs and Apes fight against each other...

It is 2321 now. Thousands of years after the first ape had left the trees for the ground and learned to s**t in a sitting position, the Bored Apes were defeated, and the Kongs took over the world. New species were born from the remains of the old world. The creatures of PooVerse. The Ape Poos.

However a new prophecy foretold that one day the special Legendary Golden Ape Poos will come, who unite the Ape Poo colonies and take revenge for their painful sufferings caused by the Kongs…

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Welcome to the club

When you buy an Ape Poo, you're not simply buying an avatar or a rare piece of art. You are getting membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time in your whole life:


Prepare for the best Ape Poo comics book of the year! Read the first chapters of the APC story now.


Claim your lands in
the PooVerse using your 2D NFTs


Enjoy the 300-years long membership in the Yacht Club of Ape PooSea. Private Poo party for holders only!


20% of all trading fees and 20% of all minting income goes to holders + Community wallet with $100k founding capital after Public sale.


Should we give share to NFT holders? Buy a land in Sandbox? Or we should invest in 2 tons of toalett paper? It's up to you!

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About us

This is a great time to get into the pooverse

Ape Poo Club contains 10,015 unique, hand drawn 3d NFTs made by superstar artists. These NFT Poos represent the inhabitants of the highest level of Ape evolution, the PooVerse.

It’s not another Metaverse or a new NFT buzzword, simply put: this ain’t no s**t. It’s the PooVerse. A genuine story about the battle of Kongs and ApePoos with a new chapter coming every week, an opportunity for you to be part of taking over the PooVerse; an audiobook, beautifully drawn NFTs with 60 traits and a chance to win the famous Legendary Golden Ape Poos and much more…

When you buy an Ape Poo, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a rare piece of art. You are getting membership access to a club at the PooSea, whose benefits and offerings will increase over time in your whole life. The biggest PooParty ever is about to start. Don’t miss it!

Meet da team



History teacher and market expert. He doesn’t have a clue about NFTs.


Poo Expert

He finds the Poo even in the most uncertain times.



He’s been a designer since last Thursday, so his experience goes beyond the moon really. Smart guy.



He is the one who transferred 7,000 BTC to an ETH address accidentally 5 years ago. He lost everything, now he sells NFTs.



Drawing 10,015 images by hand and scan them - done!
Introducing origins & storyline.
Publishing new chapter of the PooVerse story every week on Medium - parts of future comics book.


VIP sale - sold out. Trading starts on OpenSea.
Hiring the best NFT marketing agency that has no any clue about PR.
Building a strong & serious community.
Introducing the first NFTs (so you can see how cool they are).
Introducing the PooVerse.


Community reward - Ape Poo Club 3D NFT holders are entitled to 20% of all trading fees and 20% of all minting income.
Community Voting.
Reveal of VIP and Pre-sale NFTs.

Further plans

Public sale starts in August with limited supply / month, minting price will be determined by the current APC NFT holders (community voting)
Comics book launch with Ape Poo Club characters.
Organizing private events, PooParties for APC NFT holders.
Distributing the lands of PooVerse. The Ape Poo fight is about to start! Occupating all other metaverses & integrating them into the PooVerse.

Press / As seen on


You need to join our Discord server. But note that millions of members are fighting to get access to Ape Poo NFTs. Hurry up!

Vip sale is already sold out. Sign up for our Pre Sale here

10.015, pro

It’s Ethereum.

You can read it above, pro!

Of course, we know. Everybody is.

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